In this “stress” oriented generation, there are many medical conditions that arise from every day stress. For these reasons, many are revisiting the word “health” and have redirected their lifestyle with Aroma Therapy.
The origin of Aroma Therapy, France, uses serums extracted from plants to treat many different symptoms. In France, this type of therapy has been used in homes, as well as in health care facilities. Aroma therapy is not just something to enjoy the scent of plants as a relaxing element, but to use the serums on a daily basis to better the body from inside and out. At our institution, our Founder, Chiyoko Kusakabe will use this French style Aroma Therapy and provided educational courses that can help create future Aroma Therapists.

Chiyoko Kusakabe


Representative Director of Interbrain Inc. From 1978 studied phytotherapy and aromatherapy, as well as studied under Albert Argaud (Perfumer, Coty Cosmetics) in France. From 1981 studied under Madame Tiphaigne, in France, who is known as the successor of Jean Valnet “The Father of Aromatherapy”. In 2001, recognized as the one and only successor in Japan. Since then produced cosmetic lines centered around aromatherapy. In 2011 collaborated with the cosmetic line AWAKE” (Kose Cosmetics) and launched the “Aroma Essential Repair” line. Author of “Aromatic Life”. Currently participating in the development of Spa’s in Japan as in hotels around the world.


Jean Valnet


Aroma Therapy came into picture in 1920 when René-Maurice Gattefossé became interested in the medical relationship of serums and natural oils extracted from plants. With this, serums and natural oils became acknowledged as “medicinal”, in France.

Later, Jean Valnet (known as the “Father of Aroma Therapy”), who was once a military doctor, used natural oils to treat burns on soldiers. As a psychiatrist, Dr. Valnet treated his patients using aroma therapy. Although the hospital staff saw this type of treatment as nonsense, Dr. Valnet continued his belief in the effects of serums, and in turn won the hearts of every patient he treated.

Using his clinical experience, Dr. Valnet published a book in 1964 for those who were disappointed with the chemical drug therapy as well as those who were suffering from the side effects of this type of treatment. He wanted to educate, everyone involved in medicine, the correct usage of phytotherapy and aroma therapy. He also wanted to spread the use of natural oils extracted from plants as a new form of “treatment” for many different diseases. Dr. Valnet is the pioneer of acknowledging the use of natural oils and serums for medicinal purposes, and in turn having these types of treatments covered under insurance.

In France, serums are used in many different ways, including the use for medical aroma therapy. Serums have been seen as the same type of treatments as anti-biotics. Serums are also being used for external treatments as well.