Institute of Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy is one of the most popular ways of caring for your body, which arose from France. Aroma Therapy uses essential oils (serums) extracted from plants, to improve the body mentally and physically.
After a careful consultation, each symptom will be reviewed for a personal aroma therapy session.
We also have special courses for top athletes to help with their conditioning, as well as accident preventions. This program is popular amongst professional athletes of different genres as well as athletes who just love sports.

Mental Doc is a program that tackles “Stress”. The initial consultation will measure the stress level, and our Founder, Chiyoko Kusakabe, will use Aroma Therapy as a tool to decrease the stress level as well as balance the body and soul. She will also produce a special blend made for each patient.

Therapist training courses

Using the base of French Style aroma therapy and collaborating with different situation in Japan, we are able to create a curriculum that suits every individual. Sports aroma therapy, French aroma therapy, hospitality, counseling, facials, and body treatments can be selected for the different courses. We can also make recommendations for those who will be graduating the instructors course. After completing all the necessary courses, students may choose to move into the instructor`s course.

Details of courses:

Aroma therapy course

img_francearomaUsing the French style Aroma Therapy, this course will teach you the extraction process of serums, the origin of each plant and its characteristics, as well as actually blending treatment oils, bath oils, and sprays. The advance courses will look into different substances used for making cosmetics and replacing them with natural and organic products. After careful counseling, students will be able to blend essential oils that helps with the different situations and symptoms highlighted during the counseling process. For those who are interesting in becoming an aroma therapist, there are courses that can help obtain the basic knowledge of becoming their own therapist.

Spa Therapist Courses

img_spaOur Institute presents Chiyoko Kusakabe, who is our founder as well as a producer of spa`s around the world. Her course will take you one step closer in becoming a world renown spa therapist.


img_counseThis course will train the skills and techniques of a counsel session as an aroma therapist. In order to understand others, you will have to start from understanding yourself, and broadening out to understanding your family, friends, and the people who are involved in your social life. This will take you one step closer to being able to hold a client oriented counsel session. The advance course will concentrate on intersubjective counseling using case studies.

Mental Doc®

This is a program created by our Founder, Chiyoko Kusakabe. Mental Doc is a style of mental conditioning. Contact us for more information.

Facial Treatment Course

img_facialLearning the different aspects of the “skin”, students will be using natural serums for cleansing, make-up removal, hot towels, and basic facial treatment. Advance courses will increase your skill as a facial therapist and move onto lower neck and head spa treatments. The completion of this course will help you master a 60 min treatment as well as a 90 min treatment.

Sports Aroma Therapist (body treatment)

img_sportsThis type of therapy targets athletes using phytotherapy and aroma therapy. Caring for the athlete`s mental and physical condition, sports aroma therapy will help with muscle fatigue, as well as balancing the mental health. SAT will also prevent injuries for top athletes as well as sport lovers. Our Aroma Therapy institution partners with an institution in France to provide the best philosophy, knowledge, and technology of aroma therapy, to Japan. With hopes of making aroma therapy a daily practice, we hold several classes that can be scheduled accordingly. Each completion of courses follows by a certificate of achievement. Those who complete and pass the therapist exam will be presented with a certificate of completion of the sports aroma therapy course. For advance courses, beauty and wellness will be the theme of treatment.